Founded on the Space Coast of Florida, one of the birthplaces of American greatness, iMerica strives to follow in the footsteps of those innovators in building something great. Our intent is not only to guide you towards products that are made in this great country of ours, but to have you participate in the process, to join in on that spirit of collaboration with us. We not only accept but encourage your ideas and input. Please, help us shape this community and face the challenge of returning true prosperity to our country.

The primary reason for the existence of a site like iMerica is to help YOU find what you need, and make sure that you are being guided towards products that are made in America. Though we receive a small fraction from your purchases, we direct it towards growing this community, so that we can reach more people, and have an even greater effect on our economy. In addition to the products listed in our store, if there is something you need, but we do not offer directly, we have a curated list of American companies available, located in our lists section at the bottom of any page. Take just a few minutes, whatever you are looking for is probably made here as well.

If you are as sad as we are to see empty pages on the site, help us fill them out! Though we have over two hundred categories and thousands of products, we do not have them all. If you come across any American-made items which you think deserve a spot or have any ideas for something that can fill the space, PLEASE, contact us on social media or email! Again, that spirit of collaboration is precisely what will aid us in helping our fellow Americans grow their businesses. Do you have ideas for a product spotlight we could write about? Let us know! Let’s grow the little guys too!

Finally, in this ever-changing world, manufacturing practices can switch on a dime. If you discover that a particular item is no longer made in the U.S.A., please alert us and we will remove it. Though we keep a watchful eye, we do not catch everything.

With the combined support from our team and yourselves, we hope to continue to build up our fellow countrymen, their enterprises, and their opportunities. Here at iMerica, our passion is contagious.

Help us help all of our neighbors.